Saturday, December 26, 2009

Western Nugget

I’m getting the hang of this blogging now, and I had a great time in Reno! The people were all wonderful and I enjoyed learning about all the things that make the Western Nugget such a unique show. The California royalty, Sadie, Caitlyn and Bailey, and the Oregon royalty, Ciera and Harli, were awesome help in the ring; they all represent their states so very well. I had the pleasure to be in the ring for the Junior and Open Shows, while I was out at the barns, I was asked to take pictures with two adorable little girls who wanted their picture taken with 'The White Queen'. I also attended the social and – the big highlight – the sale at the JA Nugget! The sale was truly something to experience . . . especially from the stage. The passion the western state breeders showed for the Western Nugget and the Hereford breed definitely made me proud to represent such a wonderful breed all over again!

-Katie Killian, National Hereford Queen

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reno time!

Our lovely ladies are off to the Western Nugget in Reno, Nevada! This truly is a spectacular event. Below is a schedule of events:

2009 Show Schedule of Events
Thursday, December 3, 2009
9:00 am -
Junior Show
Sponsored by American Hereford Assn. and Western States Hereford Assn.
Friday, December 4, 2009
9:00 am
- Female Show (Show Order: Polled Females followed by Horned Females)
(following show
) Social Hour – Sale cattle on display.
6:30 pm - Cocktail Party, Silent Auction & Semen Auction – Nugget Hotel
Saturday, December 5, 2009
9:00 am
- Bull Show (Show Order: Horned Bulls followed by Polled Bulls)
4:00 pm - Nugget Hereford Sale, John Ascuaga’s Nugget Celebrity Showroom

Stay tuned for photos and feedback from our Hereford Royalty's travels to the southwest!

Details, Details!

As previously described in past blogs, there was a change to the National Queen title this year. Due to name change to National Hereford Queen, a new banner was made by Sandy Meyer of Classic Leather Designs. To your left, you will find detailed photos of the banner.
The banner is made of Hereford hide and white leather. On the front of the banner, the words "National Hereford Queen" are embroidered in red to a section of white leather. Red and white crystals line this section. On the top portion, which sits on the right shoulder, there are two Hereford heads, one polled and one horned. The heads were hand tooled, then painted. You can also observe the rosette above the heads. Every National Queen banner, since the beginning of the program in 1974, has had a similar rosette. Keeping with tradition, it was included on the current banner as well.
The back of the banner has Hereford hide in a stripe in the middle. On top of the hide, is hand cut white leather letters, which read "Hereford Queen". You may ask why have the title on the back of the banner as well. The answer is quite simple, we are proud of the industry and the breed that our queen represents. We want to display her commodity clearly and proudly. Also, how many times have you been in a large crowd and are only able to see the back of a person. If you were fortunate enough to be standing behind one of our beautiful queens, dressed in white from head to toe with an ornate crystal crown on their head, you may be perplexed on their purpose. Having their title on the back clears any confusion.
*Fun Fact: Did you know that every queen who wears the National Queen banner signs their name in the inside?*

Our queen is given a beautiful round crown to wear and then have as a keepsake each year. To protect this delicate piece, the National Hereford Women Queen program provides her with a crown box. This year, due to generous donations by Beacon Hill Ranch and the Phelps/Mehaffey families, the program purchased a crown box from Classic Leather Designs. It truly is a piece of artwork.On the top it states: 2010 National Hereford Queen. There are decorative studs surrounding the top and bottom of the box. On either side of the handles are rosettes with red crystals. The sides of the box are made of Hereford hide. The inside of the box is lined with brown velvet. It is a stunning piece!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A day in Louisville

First, a big Thank You is due . . . to the whole Hereford industry. You all have made my first show as National Queen so wonderful. I loved Louisville! Growing up in the Texas Panhandle, I haven’t seen much of the fall season, and I enjoyed getting to see the changing colors there. The show was an awesome experience; the Kentucky Hereford Breeders definitely have something to be proud of. I went home full of derby pie and ready for Reno!

-Katie Killian, National Hereford Queen