Thursday, January 27, 2011

National Western Stock Show!

One of the most exciting things as Queen is getting to interact with all the friends I have made throughout the years showing Herefords. The greatest benefit of traveling across the country each year is the amazing friendships I have made. Each time I attend a National Hereford Show it's like a mini Jr. Nationals all over again. For weeks before, my friends and I reconnect via Facebook and text. The chance to reconnect with them and their families at the show is always a special time. I've always said Herefords friends are like my family... they are always happy to see me and congratulate me. I knew Denver would be no different and was excited to finally be at the show.

For an East Texas girl, snow is few and far in between. That first morning in Denver I woke up and one of the first things I saw was snow! The Rockies and the yards had a fresh layer of snow and I knew the Herefords were in the 'yards'! I couldn't wait to experience my first National Western as the Natonal Hereford Queen!

Thursday proved to a be fun, long, and successful day for many Hereford breeders and junior showman. Bull shows have always been totally exciting to me. My favorite thing is when breeders run their bulls in to the ring. It's a bit scary when you are standing close by in all white, but thrilling all the same! I remember my first piece of advice from our first National Queen Katie Killian was to make sure you watch your back as you walk in bull classes and WALK FAST! Best advice ever!

Later that afternoon I continued to help in the ring and walked in some fantastic junior classes of Hereford heifers. Showman my age, a bit older and younger competed in the more than cold ring. I was happy to stand by each junior that won in division, reserve and grand champion pictures. I knew what hard work it took to get cattle to this winning point.

Friday proved to be a little more relaxed as I helped with the Pen Show in the yards. Pens of heifers and bulls competed all morning until the early afternoon. ad The opportunity to walk in and out as pictures were taken in the yards was really fantastic. From the distance I could see the snow covered Rockies and standing there holding banners, I got to once again visit with Hereford breeders. The added obstacle of keeping my white Queen outfit white was yet another thing. But with mom's help, she cleared the way each time!

That afternoon we arrived early to find our seat in the packed sales arena for the Mile High Night National Hereford Sale. The night was a huge success and money was once again raised to benefit the Hereford Youth Foundation Saturday, was my final day in Denver. Most of that day was filled with the hiefer show. At times it got really hectic, but with the help of my sister Ilissa, my parents, and our AHA Field Reps. my day went smoothly.

Denver proved to be a complete success, both in the yards, sale rings, and in the show ring. I look forward to going back for many more years to come. As National Hereford Queen with every show I attend, I realize how special the crown I wear is as it represents our Hereford people and great breed.

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