Friday, January 6, 2012

1st Stop~Louisville, Kentucky

My second half of the North American International Livestock Exposition (aka NAILE) was just as great as the first! With the classes a little bit bigger in size it wasn't quite as fast pace, allowing me to make it back and forth from the awards table to the ring exit with a little time to spare! I was so thankful for all of those who helped taxi me from my hotel to the exposition center, Mr. Andrew Garnhart of Mud Creek Farms and Mr. Travis Pierce of Pierce's Hereford Haven. Without these two I wouldn't have made it to the show on time or I may have been spending the night in the barn, thank you again! In the ring I got help passing out ribbons and holding banners from Miss Tory Miller of Thorntown, Indiana. She was great help and great company in the ring and I was very thankful to have her with me! By the end of the day my white boots and the bottom of my white skirt were tinted with green, but it was all worth it! Louisville was a great start to my year as National Hereford Queen. But it was just the first stop of many!

~in Hereford spirit, your Queen Amanda Bacon

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  1. Tory absolutely loved helping you and has asked several times when she can help you again. Be warned, she thinks you are pretty awesome and wants to wear "the white dress" someday. Thank you so much for being someone she can look up to.