Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Texas Junior Hereford/ Polled Hereford State Show

The Texas Junior Hereford/ Polled Hereford State Show is one hectic and jam packed function! We do just about everything that goes on at Junior Nationals in 4 days. Crazy, I know! The State Show was in Belton, Texas this year. This show was lead off by our Texas Junior Polled Hereford Association President, Shelby Rogers, and our Texas Hereford President, Mallorie Phelps. All of the officers, directors, and advisor's from both associations met up on Tuesday night before the show started to do an overview of what our duties were for the week and finally get to see each other and sit down and talk.

Wednesday morning came bright and early for many, as they were all trying to beat the heat of Texas to get to the barns. I got the duty of telling people where their stalls were, but truly I was basically the "Meet and Greet Committee" and did a fine job at it! Throughout the day, old friends and new members moved their tack and cattle into the barns, signed up for competitions, and visited with everyone. Luckily, at our state show we have every meal sponsored so that no one has to leave the barn. It's quite convenient! After everyone made their way into the barns and set up their stalls, there was a swimming party at a water park nearby. Kids were slipping and sliding throughout the park, while Kirbie Day, Mallorie Phelps, and I discussed our upcoming year together at Texas A&M University. The night was short lived and came to end very soon because people had to get up for showmanship the next day.

Thursday arrived with opening ceremonies at the beginning. Mallorie and Shelby gave introductions to all of the special guest that we had at our state show (including me) and introduced our theme which was "Hereford's Rock!" We took a HUGE state picture and had an Elvis impersonator sing for us. He was definitely entertaining! Once opening ceremonies had ceased shadow showmanship had begun. For those of you that don't know, shadow showmanship is for kids in the pee-wee age group or younger and they have an older mentor help them in the show ring and teach them any 'tricks of the trade.' It's a very neat opportunity for kids that don't have an older sibling to teach them. After that, showmanship had officially started. There were two separate rings and overly intense competition! I was happy to be watching rather than competing against those kids! After showmanship, there was team marketing and team fitting and then the dance! Of course the dance was full of fun and laughter with kids of all ages dancing! I had to leave a little early because I was a very tired girl and if I wanted to be alert queen the next day, I had to get my beauty rest!

Friday started off with the Bred and Owned Show, Cow-Calf Pair Show, Junior A.I., Steer Show, and Bull Show. It was a busy morning for the queens, but very exciting because I got the honor of working with my Texas Royalty! The girls were awesome! After the show, we had livestock judging and lunch out at Curtis Younts' Ranch. The lunch and judging was wonderful, but the heat was HOT! That night we had our banquet led by the officers from both associations. Scholarships, new Hereford Royalty, and contest winners were announced. I had the honor of presenting the Texas Hereford Association's new royalty with their sash and crown along with Ashley Cline the past Texas Hereford Sweetheart and Garrett Floyd who is the boy with the highest position on the officer team. It's a tradition for the Texas Junior Hereford Association's boy with the highest office to present the new royalty with their flowers. Our new Texas Hereford Queen is Kim Wilson and our new Texas Hereford Sweetheart is Hannah Schnieder. They are both past Texas Hereford Sweethearts and I know they will do an excellent job!

Saturday morning came in full blast! All of the new Texas Hereford and Polled Hereford Royalty was ready to hand out some ribbons and awards! The girls all took turns giving out ribbons to classes and who got to walk in divisions with me. At the end when the grand drive had arrived, all of the Polled Hereford Royalty stood with me in the ring, as well as the Horned Hereford Royalty did on the separate grand drives. Tyler Allen won both the polled and horned show! Congratulations Tyler! Pictures were taken after the show was over, and there were a TON taken! But no big deal, the royalty could take it! State show was a blast and definitely got everybody geared up and excited for the National Junior Hereford Expo in Kansas City! We will have Mallorie Phelps representing our great state of Texas as Director of Communications on the National Junior Hereford Board, as well as having Shelby Rogers running for National Director! I am literally counting down the hours until I get to Junior Nationals! I cannot wait to see all of my Hereford friends, the new state's royalty, and have the first annual Queen's Tea! I will keep everyone updated on the blogs and try to do them daily!

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