Thursday, June 23, 2011

Texas Polled Hereford Association All-Star Sale

Hereford girls, Hereford girls... Tell me what's better than that?! NOTHING!
The All-Star Cattle Sale is put on by the Texas Polled Hereford Association. Luckily I was able to make it to this sale, but regretfully I couldn't attend the Tennessee River Music, Inc. Sale because it was during my graduation. It was sad not to attend their sale, but I am now happy to say how close I am to Texas A&M University! The All-Star Sale is jam packed with queen and sweetheart interviews, chili cook-offs, dessert tasting, and of course the sale! As soon as I arrived at the Shocke residence in Sherman, Texas, my Texas Polled Hereford friends greeted me with joy. First of started the queens contest. We had the most talent and beautiful girls come in and out of the intense interviews. Miss Keely Hamman and I decided to hang out with the girls in the waiting room; we enjoyed the fact that we were not stressing out about being interviewed since we are both past state queens. It was wonderful! All of the queen and sweetheart candidate's interviews went very well! Once the stressful interviews had ceased it was time to eat! The chili was amazing as well as dessert, but I would like to add that eating chili is NOT the easiest thing to do in an all white outfit! I stayed clean though. That night after we ate, we announced the results of queen and sweetheart. Our lovely Texas Polled Hereford Queen, Keely Hamman, announced as I crowned them with their new sash and banner. The newly crowned queen was the lucky Miss Sarah Smith with the princess Miss Tracy Brent. We also crowned three sweethearts who were Morgan Dobbs, Ruth Ann Kettler, and Molly Booth. All of the wonderful ladies will do an excellent job representing the Texas Polled Hereford Association this next year. Congratulations! Once we knew who all of our royalty were, we announced the winners of the best desserts and chilis. It was fun just to 'hang out' with everyone.
From left to right: Ruth Ann Kettler, Molly Booth, Tracey Brent, Sarah Smith, and Me!

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