Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hats Off to Herefords!

After the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, I had a very nice little break before scholarships and sales hit me full throttle! The first sale that I was able to attend was the annual 'Hats Off to Herefords Sale' in Morgan, Texas held on W4 Ranch. Regretfully, I was unable to make it to the Larson Polled Hereford Sale in Clifton, Texas do to a death. This was very disappointing to me as they were so kind as to invite me to the sale personally and take care of any accommodations I needed. Although I was unable to make it to Larson’s Sale, it made me even more excited to see my Hereford family at our sale in Morgan, Texas. Coincidentally, I had an Area FFA interview on the same day! How convenient, right? But luckily I have parents that are so involved and help make sure that I can try and attend every possible event because this was a $16,000 scholarship on the line!
I switched times with another FFA student so I could be the absolute FIRST person in the interview room. My mother and I had a 5 hour drive ahead of us in order to make it to the sale, so we were definitely trying to find any possible way to make the interview go as quick and early as possible. Once the interview was over we headed straight to Morgan, Texas with no stops in mind! By the way, I made it to State! Five hours later the wonderful white suburban got us to what we “thought” was W4 Ranch, oh but we were sadly mistaken! We drove around and only saw land, land, and MORE land! We finally decided, about 10 minutes later, that we should probably turn around and ask for some directions because we obviously had no clue where we were at. When we stopped by a gas station little girls selling cookies and brownies for cheerleading oohed and awed at my sash and crown while asking me tons of questions while my mother got directions to W4 Ranch. When we arrived at W4 Ranch I was greeted by all of my lovely Hereford family. Too bad I wasn’t there for the full sale, but at least I made it! After the sale concluded, everyone stayed around and talked about life and how close it was for school to end. I even got to take pictures with Mr. Walker and a couple on the ranch. It was beautiful out in Morgan, Texas; I could have packed up and moved right that second! The neatest thing was that even after the sale Mr. Walker let the people that were staying fish on his lake. It was so beautiful outside and a great way to spend time with my Hereford family!

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