Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Dudley Brother's 50th Annual Sale

On Thursday, October 13th, the Dudley family had there 50th annual sale. I find it pretty incredible that their family has maintained there ranch for way over 50 years, but even more amazing that they have held their sale for an astounding 50 years! What an accomplishment!
As always, it's a joy to be around the whole family. They're a part of my Texas Hereford family, so I've known them for quite some time. One of the family members even works with my sister at Texas Tech University. Small world! Before the sale, I had the opportunity to visit with all of my Hereford friends. We took pictures and discussed how great things were going for everyone! The sale started at 1 PM and went fast and furious! There were almost 200 lots so it was going to be a LONG sale! After the sale, I met a lady from Herefordshire, England that was on her honeymoon. It was so neat getting to meet and converse with her! She's from Herefordshire! That's so cool!! The Dudley Brother's Sale was a huge success and getting to see my Hereford family was more than worth the trip!

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