Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hershey state of Pennsylvania!

From College Station, Texas to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this was without a
doubt a distance to travel! My flight left early on Thursday morning and I arrived
in Harrisburg Around 7 PM that night. I met up with my Dad at the Dallas/ Fort
Worth Airport, we traveled from therein together. I definitely slept on ALL
three of my connecting flights, while dad was wide awake reading every magazine
and newspaper. While waiting for our shuttle we ran into Mr. Hawk of Delhawk
Ranch. We took the shuttle to our hotel together, visited on the way and met up with him for dinner that night. He was there to judge the Angus show, but it is
always nice to see a familiar face!
Friday was the day of the Open Show. The show wasn't early, but I definitely had
a full day ahead of me being the only royalty there. I did have the honor and
privilege, however, of working with Ms. Terri Barber as she was judging the Hereford Show. Mr. John Meents was the Field Representative on duty, as well as, Ms. Amy Cowan
being there. Of course, my father was put straight to work by lining up cattle
in the the make-ready arena. I'm sure he enjoyed lining up cattle much more than
sitting by the awards. The show lasted from 2:00-7:45, including pictures and all!
It definitely is not the longest day that I have experienced as the National
Hereford Queen, but it was a great day! From watching people excitedly jump up
and down after a win, having the opportunity to meet the Pennsylvania Secretary
of Agriculture, and watching Mr. Meents hand out ribbons to a class while I was
taking a division picture, it was a wonderful day! I will have to say though, I
was expecting some very COLD weather, seeing as Texas is starting to get chilly.
Boy was I wrong, the weather was beautiful in Pennsylvania! I definitely should
have bought my summer queen outfit because at one point I thought I was going to
pass out in the process of handing out ribbons! Luckily, I had water directly brought to me that made me feel much better. After the show had come to an end with pictures and all, it was time for me to get my beauty sleep because I had an EARLY flight the next morning. Regretfully, I was unable to stay until the junior show. It basically takes me a full day to fly back to College Station, therefore, I would've missed much more school than I necessarily needed to. I would like to give a special thanks to the Firestine family. They were so supportive and helpful throughout my time at Pennsylvania! It was a breath of fresh air having them there. Overall, KILE was an incredible show!

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